Our History

Culinary artist, nutrition expert, and owner of Foods by Fiore, Chef Cameron Fiorenza has been in the kitchen since he was a toddler. Raised in the Northeast mountains of Georgia, venturing into nature for culinary inspiration comes second nature to him. He grew up close with his Aunt Bonnie, who taught him how to add that final ingredient called love into his food. She was a beacon of Southern hospitality and loved to entertain anytime she could. Her death in 2008 spurred him to pursue his culinary heart after graduating high school in 2012. She continues to inspire his creativity, originality, and soul in the kitchen and is the inspiration for his future bakery, “BonBon Bakeshop”.

In 2014 and 2015, Chef Fiorenza earned his Culinary Arts, A.S. and Culinary Nutrition, B.S. degrees from Johnson & Wales University in Denver, Colorado. Learning from world-class, Michelin-star level Chefs as well as seasoned dietitians, Chef Fiorenza migrated his career to the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. As the Metabolic Kitchen Coordinator, he applied his skills in McCormick Spice Co. taste-testing studies and National Weight Control Registry research, cooked behind the scenes for Extreme Weight Loss Edition: Seasons 4 and 5, conducted culinary demos for diet-specific populations, spoke at career fairs for students in Aurora Public Schools, and created retail food products for the State of Slim and My New Weigh programs. In 2016, he furthered his nutrition career by earning his dietetic technician, registered certification.

After his departure in September of 2018, Chef Fiorenza moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his nutrition career. The University of California, Los Angeles taught him patient care as a dietetic technician at the Santa Monica hospital before being hired at Beachbody as a Culinary and Nutrition Expert in early 2019. Here, he developed his recipe creativity at a corporate level. In 2020, Chef Fiorenza was hired to assist Chef Curtis Stone’s culinary team with live television events for the Home Shopping Network. Working with a celebrity Chef, Fiorenza learned valuable culinary wisdom for creating film-worthy visual appeal.

Transitioning back to his culinary roots, Chef Cameron Fiorenza grows a small garden with his partner on their apartment balconies to motivate his recipe process and nurture the soul. The local farmer’s market also inspires Chef Fiorenza to use seasonal, local produce and artisanal ingredients. Being a trained culinarian and nutritionist, Chef Fiorenza continues to work on his own culinary creations inspired by his life experiences and his Aunt Bonnie. To be inspired like him, follow his YouTube channel at FoodsbyFiore.

“How did you know I grew up eating two starches at dinner? Your dish reminds me of home in North Carolina.” Chef David Dawson

“These sugar cookies are the work of a professional pastry chef.” Chef Curtis Stone

“The chimichurri you made brought me back to Argentina.” Chef Kristen Cofrades

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